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Three drivers are under investigation for alleged non-compliance with yellow flags after qualifying for the Grand Prix of Qatar.

Max Verstappen, who qualified second for tomorrow’s race, was summoned to appear before the stewards for “failing to respect the waved double yellow flags” on his last lap in Q3.

Valtteri Bottas, who took third place on the grid, is also under investigation, but for an incident involving waving yellow flags. Carlos Sainz Jnr, who took seventh place, is under investigation for the same.

The three incidents occurred when yellow flags were waved at the end of the session after Pierre Gasly damaged his car on a sidewalk at the exit of turn 15. The AlphaTauri driver lost his front wing and came to rest in the road. straight line of the pits. Yellow flags were briefly displayed and subsequently canceled in Yard Areas 18 and 20.

Pictures in Verstappen’s car showed a flashing yellow light on his left as he exited the final turn, Turn 16, as he completed his final lap. The Red Bull pilot did not appear to take off.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff said he saw footage of the Verstappen incident. “It passes a flashing red or yellow flashing light on the left, then passes a waved yellow double and there’s a car standing in the road. So I guess it’s a bit of a triple whammy.

In 2019, Verstappen lost pole position at the Mexican Grand Prix after finding he hadn’t slowed down for the yellow flags. He received a penalty of three places on the grid.

Last year Lewis Hamilton was fined three grid places in Austria for the same offense. On this occasion, Red Bull successfully asked the stewards to reconsider a decision not to penalize him after presenting new video evidence.

The stewards will not meet Verstappen until 1 p.m. Sunday in Qatar, four hours before the start of the race. Meetings with Bottas and Sainz will follow at 1.30 p.m. and 1.45 p.m. respectively.

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