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Photo by Pamelasphotopoetry/iStock/Getty Images Plus, St. George News

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – My wife and I frequently visit and occasionally buy something for sale at one or more thrift stores in St. George. We found several treasures at most of them, but the Deseret Industries store is by far the most interesting and the one where you can find very good deals.

Deseret Industries in St. George, Utah, August 10, 2017 | File photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

I was visiting the DI with my wife a week ago and noticed something I had never seen before, something that someone had paid a lot for and someone else had dropped off at the DI I knew what it was but it bothered me to see it there selling.

It was in a small box, in great, if not perfect, condition, but in my opinion it just didn’t belong in the DI for sale. I felt uncomfortable that someone had given away such a personal and important part of a family’s history as if it didn’t matter and for some reason wasn’t worth worth keeping.

I asked one of the employees to remove it, then repeated my request to the store manager. I was told they would take care of it.

I turned to leave with my wife but stopped, told her I would meet her out front in a few minutes and went back to the store manager and told him I wanted to buy the little box and its contents . I didn’t trust them to do the right thing with it. She carried it to the cash register, and I paid for it and took it home.

I still have it and I hope whoever gave it will read this letter to the editor and contact me to take it back. It means something, a lot to someone, and should be in a different place.

The little box was a triangular wooden box with a glass lid with a neatly folded bright red, white, and blue American flag, the kind you see at grave sites when a veteran or fallen soldier has been laid to rest. I don’t know the story behind this little box and the flag it contains, but I hope whoever gave it sees this letter and takes it back.

Please, wherever you are, please contact me so that I can return it to you. I am a veteran and this flag represents one of my military brothers or sisters who died or fell in action.

Submitted by VIRGINIUS “JINKS” DABNEY, 1st Lieutenant, United States Army, Infantry, Field Artillery, and Armored Cavalry.

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