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IF you’ve suddenly started to encounter countless rows of red flag emoticons on your social media, you may have realized that this is the latest trend.

Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out the meaning behind this, here we explain what the Red Flag meme is.


The red flag meme is the latest social trendCredit: Getty

What is the red flag meme?

A series of red flags next to a post basically means a problem, a big problem, something the social media user considers a red flag about someone.

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok users displayed red flags next to their posts, indicating that they consider the behavior problematic.

For example, some believed that those who thought pineapple belonged to pizza should be treated with caution, while others believed the same for Android users.

The latest social media trend wasn’t liked by everyone, as some weren’t happy to see so many red flag posts on their feed.

Someone tweeted: “not in this red flag meme”

Another said: “These red flag memes like a new pandemic.”

One of them tweeted: “I can’t escape the red flag tweets.”

Another Twitter user said, “Ignore the red flags on my timeline like I do in real life.”

On October 12, 2021, the Twitter account tweeted: “I’m not on Twitter” followed by a number of red flags

Who uses the red flag meme?

The Red Flag meme is used by social media users who report personality traits or behaviors that they consider problematic.

People posted their views followed by a number of red flags on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

The latest social media trend has made #redflag a trend.

What does a red flag mean?

The triangular red flag emoji is primarily associated with golf.

However, now used in the latest social media trend, it is meant to warn and “raise a red flag” on problematic behavior.

Traditionally, a red flag is a signal of danger or a situation that requires attention.

The term “raise a red flag” comes from various instances where a red flag has been used throughout history.

Red flags are carried by the armed forces to warn the public of shooting exercises in progress, or displayed by ships carrying ammunition.

A red flag can also be used to indicate a danger to wildlife or unsafe water conditions when placed near a beach.

Finally, a red flag signifies the end of a race in motor racing.

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