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Women’s javelin thrower Kara Winger was chosen as American contingent flag bearer during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Winger, 35, chosen by a vote of fellow U.S. team athletes, will be the fourth track athlete to lead the U.S. delegation at the closing ceremony.

The Washington state native finished 17th in Tokyo after throwing 59.71 meters (196 feet) in the prelims earlier this week – a long way from reaching the final, made up of the top 12 pitchers from the qualifying round.

“It is an incredible honor to be selected by my fellow American team athletes to be our flag bearer,” said Winger. said in a statement. “There is no better way to end my Olympic career than to lead the USA team to the closing ceremony. On behalf of Team USA, we would like to thank the Tokyo Organizing Committee, the people of Tokyo and the country of Japan for hosting these Olympic Games and bringing the world together again through sport.

WNBA star Sue Bird and baseball player Eddy Alvarez were the co-flag bearers at the opening ceremony.

The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday, August 8 and is currently scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. ET.

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