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XITE Energy will continue to support the Extreme E Championship for the series’ second season in 2022.

Based in Bristol, UK, XITE Energy focuses primarily on energy drinks, with the titular product containing natural caffeine from green coffee beans among other ingredients like pansax ginseng and sucralose while not containing no sugar. XITE also sells nootropic energy bars that contain seventeen grams of plant-based protein and a blend of five nootropics like choline and iodine.

“The product is perfectly suited to our championship,” commented the marketing director of Extreme E Ali Russell. “Not only do the drinks taste and make you feel good, but the company also shares many of Extreme E’s core values, especially its focus and investment in renewable energy and sustainable transportation systems. We look forward to collaborating even more with XITE Energy throughout Season 2.”

The company was co-founded by Olivier Bennett and Megan Jones in 2017, after the duo graduated from college. Bennett, a business student, started running in the FIA World Rallycross Championship that year after two years in British Rallycross. XITE Energy sponsored his rallycross efforts under the XITE Racing banner.

In 2021, Bennett brought XITE to a pair of newly formed racing series in Extreme E and Nitro Rallycross. In the latter, he raced all season and won a qualifying race in the first race at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Bennett finished sixteenth in points out of eighteen drivers.

As an Extreme E rider, Bennett teamed up with Christine “GZ” Giampaoli Zonca to race for Hispano Suiza, and XITE’s title sponsorship led to the team’s rebranding as Hispano Suiza XITE Energy Team and eventually XITE Energy Racing. The team finished ninth and last in the Tag Team Championship with a best finish of fifth in the opening round of the Desert X Prix. XITE has also become an official partner of Extreme E.

“[S]sustainability is at the heart of XITE Energy and Extreme E”, says Jones. “We propel the drivers in the most natural way possible and Extreme E does the same with the cars. It’s the perfect partnership and we look forward to another action-packed season of high-energy, sugar-free entertainment.

“If you look at the XITE Energy brand you will see that we are gender neutral and that is something that is so important to us. Being involved in a groundbreaking series that employs female and male racing drivers in absolute parity is the perfect alignment of XITE Energy and Extreme E.”